Journal of Urban History 48 (2022), 4

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Journal of Urban History 48 (2022), 4

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Journal of Urban History
United States
Moritz Pallasch, Institut für Geschichtswissenschaften, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



Dangerous Librarians: The Survival of Branch Libraries in New York’s Fiscal Crisis
Julia Rabig

From Black Power to Broken Windows: Liberal Philanthropy and the Carceral State
Sam Collings-Wells

The Enclosure of the Ejidos of Bogotá: Imperial Wars and the End of Common Lands in Colonial New Granada
Constanza Castro Benavides

The Transformation of Private Space in the Later Middle Ages: Rooms and Living Standards in the Kingdom of Valencia (1280–1450)
Luis Almenar Fernández and Antonio Belenguer González

Portugal’s Rising Research in Architecture and Urbanism: The Influence of International Research Centers and Authors
Patrícia Bento d’Almeida, Teresa Marat-Mendes, and Michel Toussaint

Berlin Not for Sale: The Film Lens as a Tool of Urban Exploration in 1960s West Berlin
Laura Bowie

The Development Discourse during Socialist Romania in Visual Representations of the Urban Area
Oana-Ramona Ilovan

Carfree Streets as Negotiated Play Spaces in Tokyo
Anthony Murithi Njeru

Urbanizing Camels: Camels in Beijing, 1900–1937
Lei Zhang

Review Essays

Asian Cities: Armature, Enclave, Heterotopia
Gregory Bracken

Understanding Chicago’s Latino Communities Through Religion, Politics, and Identity
Lilia Fernandez

Saving the Barrio: Immigration and Social Movements in Latino Urban History
Felipe Hinojosa

The Intersection of Sexuality, Privacy and Protest after World War II
Danielle Dumaine

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