Journal of Urban History 47 (2021), 6

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Journal of Urban History 47 (2021), 6

Thousand Oaks 2021: Sage Publications
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Journal of Urban History
United States
Sophie-Margarete Schuster, Geschichtswissenschaften, Kulturwissenschaft, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



Who Owns the Lunger Building? Disease, Property, and the Limits of Accountability in Tenement Reform in St. Louis, 1832-1917
Taylor Desloge

What Were World’s Fairs for? Catalysts for Trade-Based Urban Development in the Second Industrial Revolution
Miriam R. Levin

Upscaling, Obduracy, and Underground Parking in Maastricht (1965-Present): Is There a Way Out?
Jelena Stanković, Marc Dijk, and Anique Hommels

Hanse Cultural Geography and Communal Identity in Late-Medieval City Views of Lübeck
Laura Tillery

The Industrious, the Laboring, and the Sunken: Berlin’s Mietskaserne and the Housing Question
Isabel Rousset

The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Racial Basis for Interstate Highways and Urban Renewal
Rebecca Retzlaff

Ruth Harris: A Reticent Disrupter in St. Louis Public Schools’ Stowe Teachers College during Jim Crow Era
Vanessa Garry

Review Essays

Governing by Analogy: Ideas and Institutions in Urban Political History
Daniel London

The End of Urban Crisis? Decentering the Crisis Paradigm in Post–World War II U.S. Urban Historiography
Ryan D. Purcell

Looking for a “True Metropolis”
Paul Steege

Sporting Los Angeles: How the Olympics and Other Games Created America’s Most Glamorous City
Travis Vogan

Reshaping New York’s Landscape Stephen Petrus
Loan Sharks, Mortgage Bankers, and Bond Financiers: New Perspectives on Banking in American Cities
Destin Jenkins

Rightwing Populism and the White Neighborhood Michael Koncewicz
Diversity and Coexistence in the Premodern Towns of East Central Europe Curtis G. Murphy

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