Journal of Urban History 50 (2024), 2

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Journal of Urban History 50 (2024), 2

Thousand Oaks 2024: Sage Publications
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Journal of Urban History
United States
Jakob Schneider, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



Decommunization by Design: Analyzing the Post-Independence Transformation of Soviet-Era Architectural Urbanism in Kyiv, Ukraine
Yegor Vlasenko and Brent D. Ryan

“If the Municipality Cannot Do It!”: Negotiating the Boundary between State and Society in Early Republican Turkish Cities
Isaac Hand

Chinatown Pastiche: The Chinese Village at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition
William Gow

William Wood, The American Woolen Company and the Creation of a Model Mill Village in Shawsheen, Massachusetts
John R. Mullin and Zenia Kotval

The Home Front: World War I, Tenant Activism, and Housing Policy Before the New Deal
Maia Silber

“The Right to Define the Question”: The Center for Urban Affairs and Neighborhood Activism in 1970s Chicago
Beryl Satter

“To Live with Honor, or Die”: The Metamorphosis of Place, National Symbols, Masculinities, and Practices under State Terrorism (1973-1990)
Claudia Stern

Urban Plot: Developing a Consistent Definition for Comparative Urban Studies
Katarzyna Słomska-Przech and Michał Słomski

Review Essays

Architecture and Dictatorship: The Dialectics of Destruction and Creation
Aristotle Kallis

Yellow Fever: Race, Health, Environment, and Profit in New Orleans
Ann M. Becker

Pollution, Pipes, and Progress: Chicago’s Environment and the Question of Scale
David Soll

Redeeming the Tenement and Understanding Technological Change in the Home
Christopher Hayes

The Resilience of Planned Communities: Recent Perspectives
Shelley S. Mastran

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