Journal of Urban History 48 (2022), 2

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Journal of Urban History 48 (2022), 2

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Journal of Urban History
United States
Sophie-Margarete Schuster, Geschichtswissenschaften, Kulturwissenschaft, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



Sunlight and Gaslight: Mapping Light in Mid-Nineteenth-Century New York City
Rachel Eu

The Politics of Commemorating the Woman Suffrage Movement in New York City: On the Women’s Rights Pioneers Monument
Sierra Rooney

Healing the Sick City: Local Guides, Visiting Nurses, and Vernaculars of Pain on New York’s Lower East Side
Erin Cunningham and Joel Black

From “Jungles of Terror” to “God Will Begin a Healing in This City”: Billy Graham and Evangelicals on Cities and Suburbs
Brian J. Miller

The Myth of Islamic Heritage versus Authentic Tradition
Abeer Allahham

The University and East Asian Cities: The Variegated Origins of Urban Universities in Colonial Seoul and Singapore
Do Young Oh

New Town Planning as Diplomatic Planning: Scalar Politics, British–Chinese Relations, and Hong Kong
Maurice Yip

“Not So Much Orwellian as Kafkaesque”: The War on Crime, Information Sharing Systems, and the Limits of Criminal Justice Modernization and Surveillance in Los Angeles County
Stephen Bohigian

The Bill Clinton Rationale for Welfare Reform: Examining Implications of Race, Class, and Gender Using Documents
Aziza Tahar-Djebbar

Celebrating the Great Union through Smart Digital Solutions: Lessons from Alba Iulia, Romania
Alexandru-Sabin Nicula, Cristian Nicolae Boțan, Viorel Gligor, and Emanuela-Adina Cociș

Review Essays

“Our Nation Is Moving toward Two Societies”: Race, (Im)Mobility, and the Inequalities of Capitalism in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries
Brandon T. Jett

Reassessing Black Urban Politics and Activism, 1865-1930s Hilary N. Green
The Maturing of Texas Urban History
Robert B. Fairbanks

Transformation and Tradition: Recent Scholarship on Italian Cities from the Golden Age to the Age of Uncertainty, 1945 to the Present
Anthony L. Cardoza

The Food Supply We Take for Granted
Jennifer Jensen Wallach

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