Journal of Urban History 47 (2021), 4

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Journal of Urban History 47 (2021), 4
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Journal of Urban History
United States
Schuster, Sophie-Margarete



Desegregation of City Parks and the Civil Rights Movement: The Case of Oak Park in Montgomery, Alabama
Rebecca Retzlaff

Charity, Finance, and Legitimacy: Exploring Stateless-Capital Status in Early Nineteenth-Century Dublin and Edinburgh
Joe Curran

The Cyclical Nature of the Territorial Development of Large Cities: A Case Study of Wrocław (Poland)
Robert Szmytkie

Landscape Changes through History Following the Example of the Former Narrow-Gauge Railroad Belgrade (Čukarica–Obrenovac) Serbia
Aleksandar Valjarević, Dragica Živković, Ružica Božović, Dušan Tomanović, Sanja Krsmanović, and Vesna Cvetković

Old Urbanites as New Urbanists? Mixing at an Ancient Maya City
Scott R. Hutson and Jacob Welch

Derailed: The Postwar End of New York City Subway Expansion
Jonathan English

Urban Transformation of Muslim Spanish Cites after 1492: The Case Study of Baza, Granada (Spain); from a “Petrified” City to Its Great Expansions
Juan Manuel Santiago Zaragoza, Francisco Javier Lafuente-Bolívar, and Francisco Javier Salas-Martínez

Cova da Moura: Citizenship, Neighborship, and Conflicts over Territory in Lisbon’s Periphery, 1974-2014
Francisco J. Cuberos-Gallardo

Review Essays

Exclusive Citizenship in Preindustrial Europe
Wim Blockmans

Migration, Identity, and Everyday Urbanism: Negotiating Space and Place in the City
Avi Sharma

The Place of Institutions in Urban Black Communities
Adam Lee Cilli

Reassessing Irish and Trans-Atlantic Immigration in the Age of Steam and Rail
John O’Keefe

Monumental Politics in New York City
James Wunsch

A Global History of Slums, Shantytowns, and Improvised Cities
Emilio de Antuñano

Digging Deeper into the Dodgers
Sean Dinces

Urban Planning for Utopian Communities
Arnold Bartetzky

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