Journal of Urban History 35 (2008), 1

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Journal of Urban History 35 (2008), 1
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Journal of Urban History
United States
Karl Grünberg

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1 November 2008; Vol. 35, No. 1




Decentering Urban History: Peripheral Cities in the Modern World
James J. Connolly
Journal of Urban History 2008;35 3-14

Middle Towns to Middle Cities in South Asia, 1800-2007
James Heitzman
Journal of Urban History 2008;35 15-38

Encountering and Overcoming Small-City Problems: Bremen in the Nineteenth Century
Dieter K. Buse
Journal of Urban History 2008;35 39-52

Trade, Progress, and Patriotism: Defining Valparaiso, Chile, 1818-1875
Samuel J. Martland
Journal of Urban History 2008;35 53-74

Machi: Neighborhood and Small Town--The Foundation for Urban Transformation in Japan
Carola Hein
Journal of Urban History 2008;35 75-107

Corpus Christi, 1965-2005: A Secondary City's Search for a New Direction
Alan Lessoff
Journal of Urban History 2008;35 108-133

The Geographies of Secondary City Growth in a Globalized China: Comparing Dongguan and Suzhou
Christopher Airriess
Journal of Urban History 2008;35 134-149

Oil Booms and Boosterism: Local Elites, Outside Companies, and the Growth of Ventura, California
Michael R. Adamson
Journal of Urban History 2008;35 150-177

Review Essay: "Mind of God"--Not: Google Books for Urban Historians
Clay McShane
Journal of Urban History 2008;35 178-185

Review Essay:
Perspectives on American Tall Buildings: Abalos, I. and
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Contemporary Practice. A Buell Center/Columbia Book of Architecture.
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Joseph M. Siry
Journal of Urban History 2008;35 186-195

Review Essay: The Limits of State Symbolism: Gordon, D. (Ed.). (2006). Planning Twentieth Century Capital Cities. New York: Routledge, pp. ix, 400, illustrations, bibliography, index, $125.00 cloth. Hein, C. (2004). The Capital of Europe--Architecture and Urban Planning for the European Union. Westport, CT: Praeger, pp. xii, 328, illustrations, tables, bibliography, index, $138.95 cloth. Hein, C. (Ed.). (2006). Bruxelles l'Europeenne, Capitale de qui? Ville de qui? [European Brussels, Whose capital? Whose city?], in French and English. Brussels: Institut Superieur d'Architecture de la Communaute Francaise, pp. 313, illustrations, tables, bibliography, 13 paper. Sonne, W. (2003). Representing the State: Capital City Planning in the Early Twentieth Century. Munich and New York: Prestel, (distributed by Sandpiper, London), pp. 368, illustrations, tables, bibliography, index, {pound}42.00 cloth
Florian Urban
Journal of Urban History 2008;35 196-200

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