Journal of Urban History 49 (2023), 6

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Journal of Urban History 49 (2023), 6

Thousand Oaks 2023: Sage Publications
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Journal of Urban History
United States
Jakob Schneider, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



Identifying Urban Agriculture as Heritage: Traditional Urban Grape Gardens in the Ancient City of Xuanhua, China
Yichen Jiang, Axel Timpe, and Frank Lohrberg

Fandom, Place Protection, and Urban Planning: Two Sporting Case Studies
Sean Brawley and Erik Nielsen

Local Communities and Separate Space: The Zionist Stance on Jewish Settlement in Arab Cities—The Case of Acre
Anat Kidron

“A Dumping Ground for the South”: Race, Place, and Poverty in Newburgh, New York (1945-1961)
Tamara Boussac

Dismantling the Safety-Net Hospital: The Construction of “Underutilization” and Scarce Public Hospital Care
George Aumoithe

Through the Ivory Curtain: African Americans in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, before the Fair Housing Movement
J. Mark Souther

A Visualization Tool for 1790s Charleston: Locating an Enslaved Population Using GIS
Sarah Collins

Suburban Restaurants as Evolving Suburban Anchors: The Sportsmen’s Lodge, Ventura Boulevard, and the Growth of Los Angeles’s San Fernando Valley
Laura Barraclough

Global Cities in Analog: Modernism and Intercity Relations, 1900-1940
Joshua K. Leon

Review Essays

The Socialist City of Tomorrow in Retrospect
Annemarie Sammartino

The Assorted Environmental Colors of Metro Manila: Accounts of Richness, Imperfections, Perils, and Heritage within the Philippines’ National Capital Region
Ian Morley

Zooming in on New York’s Dutch History and Its African-Descended Population
Jeroen Dewulf

Judge Crater, Call Your Office
Jeffrey A. Kroessler

Interculturalism and Immigration Governance in Global Cities
Jialin Shi

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