Journal of Urban History 42 (2016), 2

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Journal of Urban History 42 (2016), 2
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Special Section: Health Care and Urban Revitalization

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Journal of Urban History
United States
Fritsche, Jana

Journal of Urban History (JUH), peer-reviewed and published bi-monthly, provides scholars and professionals with the latest research, analyses, and discussion on the history of cities and urban societies throughout the world. JUH presents original research by distinguished authors from the variety of fields concerned with urban history. Each insightful issue offers the latest scholarship on such topics as public housing, migration, urban growth, and more.



Special Section: Health Care and Urban Revitalization

Guest Editor: Jared N. Day

Health Care and Urban Revitalization: A Historical Overview
Jared N. Day

The Hospital City in an Ethnic Enclave: Tufts-New England Medical Center, Boston’s Chinatown, and the Urban Political Economy of Health Care
Guian A. McKee

“The University that Ate Birmingham”: The Healthcare Industry, Urban Development, and Neoliberalism
Catherine A. Conner

“We Will Gladly Join You in Partnership in Harrisburg or We Will See You in Court”: The Growth of Large Not-for-Profits and Consequences of the “Eds and Meds” Renaissance in the New Pittsburgh
Andrew T. Simpson

Building the World That Kills Us: The Politics of Lead, Science, and Polluted Homes, 1970 to 2000
David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz

“Bringing DNA into the Neighborhood” in San Francisco: A Personal Recollection
Guenter B. Risse

Conflict or Collaboration: Academic Medical Centers and Their Communities, A Commentary
Guenter B. Risse


Reimagining a Community: Worker Protest and Illicit Artisans in Early Seventeenth-Century Norwich
Muriel C. McClendon

The City and Imperial Propaganda: A Comparative Study of Empire Day in England, Australia, and New Zealand c. 1903–1914
Brad Beaven and John Griffiths

Death and the City: Female Public Suicide and Meaningful Space in Modern Mexico City
Kathryn A. Sloan

Review Essays

Stand Our Ground: The Street Justice of Urban American Riots, 1900 to 1968
Alex Elkins

Real Estate and the City: Considering the History of Capitalism and Urban History
Paige Glotzer

Urban History, the Slave Trade, and the Atlantic World 1500-1900
Erika Edwards

Cities under Duress
Peter J. Carroll

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