Journal of Urban History 41 (2015), 6

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Journal of Urban History 41 (2015), 6
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Special Section: Dancing in the Streets: The Arts in Postwar U.S. Cities

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Journal of Urban History
United States
Fritsche, Jana

Journal of Urban History (JUH), peer-reviewed and published bi-monthly, provides scholars and professionals with the latest research, analyses, and discussion on the history of cities and urban societies throughout the world. JUH presents original research by distinguished authors from the variety of fields concerned with urban history. Each insightful issue offers the latest scholarship on such topics as public housing, migration, urban growth, and more.



Special Section: Dancing in the Streets: The Arts in Postwar U.S. Cities

Guest Editors: Julia L. Foulkes and Aaron Shkuda

Dancing in the Streets: The Arts in Postwar U.S. Cities—Introduction
Julia L. Foulkes

Building a Midwest Cultural Capital: Professional Theater and Urban Development in Minneapolis
Susannah Engstrom

Between the “Culture of Poverty” and the Cultural Revolution: Katherine Dunham’s Performing Arts Training Center in East St. Louis, 1965–1973
Joanna Dee Das

The Artist as Developer and Advocate: Real Estate and Public Policy in SoHo, New York
Aaron Shkuda

The “Loft Cause” or “Bohemia Gone Bourgeois?”: Artist Housing and Private Development in Greenwich Village
Jeffrey Trask

Seeing the City: The Filming of West Side Story
Julia L. Foulkes

Landscape in Motion: Nostalgia and Urban Redevelopment in Ed Ruscha’s Then & Now: Hollywood Boulevard, 1973-2004
Matt Reynolds

Special Section: City Stories: Place-making Narratives in the Rise and Fall of Urban America

Guest Editor: Robin F. Bachin

City Stories: Place-Making Narratives in the Rise and Fall of Urban America
Robin F. Bachin

Fear, Commercialism, Reform, and Antebellum Tourism to New York City
Richard H. Gassan

“The Best Things in Life Are Here” in “The Mistake on the Lake”: Narratives of Decline and Renewal in Cleveland
J. Mark Souther


Commercialism and Identity Politics in New York’s Chinatown
Chuo Li

Review Essays

Chicago, Variously, Detroit Possibly?
Larry Bennett

Truly In-between People: Situating Latinos in Twentieth-Century Urban History
Deborah E. Kanter

Gambling, Legitimacy, and the Limits of Community
Matthew Vaz

Constructing Open Space in the Modern City
Charles Halvorson

Is There a Sunbelt After All? And Should We Care?
Rachel M. Guberman

Capitals and Capitalist Urbanization in Imperial, Modern, and Contemporary China
Samuel Y. Liang

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