Journal of Urban History 34 (2008), 3

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Journal of Urban History 34 (2008), 3
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Journal of Urban History
United States
Ingrid Brüggemann

A new issue of Journal of Urban History
has been made available:

1 March 2008; Vol. 34, No. 3



Machine Building and City Building: Urban Planning and Industrial
Restructuring in Philadelphia, 1894-1928
Domenic Vitiello
Journal of Urban History 2008;34 399-434

Avoiding "Jim Crow": Negotiating Separate and Equal on Florida's Railroads
and Streetcars and the Progressive Era Origins of the Modern Civil Rights
Robert Cassanello
Journal of Urban History 2008;34 435-457

The Commercial Sector in an Early-Twentieth Century Spanish City, La Coruna
Jesus Miras Araujo
Journal of Urban History 2008;34 458-483

Australian Public Housing and the Diverse Histories of Social Mix
Kathy Arthurson
Journal of Urban History 2008;34 484-501

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Stephanie Ryberg
Journal of Urban History 2008;34 502-510

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tables, maps, appendices, notes, bibliography, index, $49.95 cloth, $19.95
David B. Wolcott
Journal of Urban History 2008;34 511-519

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M. FOGELSON, Downtown: Its Rise and Fall, 1880-1950. New Haven: Yale
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John F. Bauman
Journal of Urban History 2008;34 520-531

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Darius Sollohub
Journal of Urban History 2008;34 532-540

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Barbara Eckstein
Journal of Urban History 2008;34 541-551

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Northwest. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2001, pp. xxx, 162,
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Bradshaw Hovey
Journal of Urban History 2008;34 552-561

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Skyscraper Design and Cultural Change in the 1920s. New York: Cambridge
University Press, 2001, pp. xiii, 370, illustrations, bibliography, index,
$80.00 cloth [University of Chicago Press, 2003, $27.00 paper]
Michael Desmond
Journal of Urban History 2008;34 562-568

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