Journal of Urban History 36 (2010), 2

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Journal of Urban History 36 (2010), 2
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Journal of Urban History
United States
Mielbrandt, Björn

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A new issue of Journal of Urban History
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1 March 2010; Vol. 36, No. 2





Democracy Rising: The Monuments of Baltimore, 1809-1842
Mary P. Ryan
Journal of Urban History 2010;36 127-150

Down the Alleyway: Courtyard Tenements and Women's Networks in Early Twentieth-Century Beijing
Zhao Ma
Journal of Urban History 2010;36 151-172

"The Other Side of the Milliken Coin": The Promise and Pitfalls of Metropolitan School Desegregation
Brett Gadsden
Journal of Urban History 2010;36 173-196

Mapping Chicago, Imagining Metropolises: Reconsidering the Zonal Model of Urban Growth
Elaine Lewinnek
Journal of Urban History 2010;36 197-225

A Useless and Terrible Death: The Michael Farmer Case, "Hidden Violence," and New York City in the Fifties
Robert W. Snyder
Journal of Urban History 2010;36 226-250

Shining Stars and Black Holes: Urbanism, Comparison, and Comparability:
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Roland J. Fletcher
Journal of Urban History 2010;36 251-256

Parallax Perspectives on the Urban Problem:
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Mark Davidson
Journal of Urban History 2010;36 257-262

Expanding the Industrial Revolution:
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Paul A. Gilje
Journal of Urban History 2010;36 263-268

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