Journal of Urban History 49 (2023), 2

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Journal of Urban History 49 (2023), 2

Thousand Oaks 2023: Sage Publications
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Journal of Urban History
United States
Sophie-Margarete Schuster, Geschichtswissenschaften, Kulturwissenschaft, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



The Urban Spatial Pattern of the Pseudo-Colonial City in Southeast Asia: A Case Study of the Eastern Area of Bangkok, Thailand, during the Thai-Imperialism Period (1855-1932)
Nicha Tantivess and David J. Edelman

The Second Line of the Leningrad/ Saint Petersburg Metro between Old and New Urban Structures
Phillip Schroeder

Recognizing Principles of Integrated Urban Planning in Historical Development of the City: A Case Study of Banja Luka
Brankica Milojević and Igor Kuvač

Dams and the Age of Abundance: Hydraulic Boosterism, Regional Growth, and the Reemergence of Water Scarcity in Central Texas
Andrew M. Busch

Planning Practice in Latin America: The Legacy of the Traveling Urbanists and Other Vertical Dialogues
Fernanda Cantarim and Clovis Ultramari

“Snet,” Our Man in Miami: Urban Tourism, Illegal Gambling, and the Challenge of a Sinful Southern City, 1941-1944
Keith D. Revell

Goon Squad Democracy? The Rise of Vigilant Citizenship through Victim Support and Neighborhood Watches in Amsterdam (1980-1990)
Wim De Jong

“We Are without God Now”: Benign Neglect and Planned Destruction of Brooklyn’s Bushwick Neighborhood
Mario Hernandez

How and Why U.S. Single-Family Housing Became an Investor Asset Class
Brett Christophers

Review Essays

Socialist Architecture and Planning as Global Expertise
Juliana Maxim

“Natural and Cultural Treasures”: On Access and Activism in Building Urban Park Systems in Seattle and New York/ New Jersey
Erin Becker-Boris

Economies of Scale: Civic Space and Civil Rights in the Modern Consumer City
Elizabeth White Nelson

Good Trouble
Chris Rasmussen

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