Historical Social Research / Historische Sozialforschung (HSR), Supplement 31 (2018)

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Historical Social Research / Historische Sozialforschung (HSR), Supplement 31 (2018)
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Models and Modelling

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GESIS – Leibniz-Institut für Sozialwissenschaften
Historical Social Research (HSR)
Unter Sachsenhausen 6-8
Journal Historical Social Research
Janssen, Philip

Historical Social Research Supplement 31 (2018)

Models and Modelling between Digital and Humanities – A Multidisciplinary Perspective (ed. Arianna Ciula, Øyvind Eide, Cristina Marras & Patrick Sahle

This Supplement of Historical Social Research stems from the contributions on the topic of modelling presented at the workshop “Thinking in Practice”, held at Wahn Manor House in Cologne on January 19-20, 2017. With Digital Humanities as starting point, practical examples of model building from different disciplines are considered, with the aim of contributing to the dialogue on modelling from several perspectives. Combined with theoretical considerations, this collection illustrates how the process of modelling is one of coming to know, in which the purpose of each modelling activity and the form in which models are expressed has to be taken into consideration in tandem.

The modelling processes presented in this volume belong to specific traditions of scholarly and practical thinking as well as to specific contexts of production and use of models. The claim that supported the project workshop was indeed that establishing connections between different traditions of and approaches toward modelling is vital, whether these connections are complementary or intersectional. The workshop proceedings address an underpinning goal of the research project itself, namely that of examining the nature of the epistemological questions in the different traditions and how they relate to the nature of the modelled objects and the models being created. This collection is an attempt to move beyond simple representational views on modelling in order to understand modelling processes as scholarly and cultural phenomena as such.



Arianna Ciula, Øyvind Eide, Cristina Marras & Patrick Sahle
Modelling: Thinking in Practice. An Introduction.
doi: 10.12759/hsr.suppl.31.2018.7-29

Willard McCarty
Modelling What There Is: Ontologising in a Multidimensional World.
doi: 10.12759/hsr.suppl.31.2018.33-45

Nina Bonderup Dohn
Models, Modelling, Metaphors and Metaphorical Thinking – From an Educational Philosophical View.
doi: 10.12759/hsr.suppl.31.2018.46-58

Barbara Tversky
Multiple Models. In the Mind and in the World.
doi: 10.12759/hsr.suppl.31.2018.59-65

Christina Ljungberg
Iconicity in Cognition and Communication.
doi: 10.12759/hsr.suppl.31.2018.66-77

Rens Bod
Modelling in the Humanities: Linking Patterns to Principles.
doi: 10.12759/hsr.suppl.31.2018.78-95

Fotis Jannidis
Modeling in the Digital Humanities: a Research Program?
doi: 10.12759/hsr.suppl.31.2018.96-100

Oliver Nakoinz
Models and Modelling in Archaeology.
doi: 10.12759/hsr.suppl.31.2018.101-112

Gunnar Olsson
EVERYTHING IS TRANSLATION (Including the Art of Making New Boots out of the Old Ones).
doi: 10.12759/hsr.suppl.31.2018.113-123

Claas Lattmann
Iconizing the Digital Humanities. Models and Modeling from a Semiotic Perspective.
doi: 10.12759/hsr.suppl.31.2018.124-146

Giorgio Fotia
Modelling Practices and Practices of Modelling.
doi: 10.12759/hsr.suppl.31.2018.147-153

Paul A. Fishwick
A Humanities Based Approach to Formally Defining Information through Modelling.
doi: 10.12759/hsr.suppl.31.2018.154-162

Günther Görz
Some Remarks on Modelling from a Computer Science Perspective.
doi: 10.12759/hsr.suppl.31.2018.163-169

Francesca Tomasi
Modelling in the Digital Humanities: Conceptual Data Models and Knowledge Organization in the Cultural Heritage Domain.
doi: 10.12759/hsr.suppl.31.2018.170-179

Patrick Sahle
How to Recognize a Model When You See One. Or: Claudia Schiffer and the Climate Change.
doi: 10.12759/hsr.suppl.31.2018.183-192

Cristina Marras
A Metaphorical Language for Modelling.
doi: 10.12759/hsr.suppl.31.2018.193-200

Zoe Schubert & Elisabeth Reuhl
Setting the Space: Creating Surroundings for an Interdisciplinary Discourse and Sharing of (Implicit) Knowledge.
doi: 10.12759/hsr.suppl.31.2018.201-208

Nils Geißler & Michela Tardella
Observational Drawing. From Words to Diagrams.
doi: 10.12759/hsr.suppl.31.2018.209-225

Tessa Gengnagel
The Discourse about Modelling: Some Observations from the Outside.
doi: 10.12759/hsr.suppl.31.2018.226-230

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