Paedagogica Historica 40 (2004), 5-6

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Paedagogica Historica 40 (2004), 5-6
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Paedagogica Historica. International Journal of the History of Education
Kahlert, Torsten


Introduction educational sciences in dynamic and hybrid institutionalization
Rita Hofstetter and Bernard Schneuwly
pp. 569 - 589

Backing the actor as agent in discipline formation: an example of the "secondary disciplinarization" of the educational sciences, based on the networks of ovide decroly (1901-1931)
Angelo Van Gorp, Marc Depaepe, Frank Simon
pp. 591 - 616

The training of teachers and educational studies: the London Day Training College, 1902-1932
Richard Aldrich
pp. 617 - 631

Un bouillon de culture pour les sciences de l'éducation? Le Congrès international d'éducation morale (1908-1934)
Marco Cicchini
pp. 633 - 656

The construction of a New Science by means of an institute and its communication media: the institute of educational sciences in Geneva (1912-1948)
Rita Hofstetter
pp. 657 - 683

Mens agitat molem: The Pedagogical Congresses of the Liga Nacional de Instrução (Lisbon, 1908-1914)
Luís Miguel Carvalho and Ana Lúcia Fernandes
pp. 685 - 703

Schulreform, Pädagogik und Psychologie: Zur Geschichte des Wiener Psychologischen Instituts
Gerhard Benetka
pp. 705 - 717

The institute as network: the Scottish Council for Research in Education as a local and international phenomenon in the 1930s
Martin Lawn
pp. 719 - 732

A new education for a new era: the contribution of the conferences of the New Education Fellowship to the disciplinary field of education 1921-1938
Kevin J. Brehony
pp. 733 - 755

Educational sciences, morality and politics: international educational congresses in the early twentieth century
Eckhardt Fuchs
pp. 757 - 784

Contributors pp. 785 - 788

Book reviews pp. 790 - 835

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