Paedagogica Historica 42 (2006), 1-2

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Paedagogica Historica 42 (2006), 1-2
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New Education: Genesis and Metamorphoses

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Paedagogica Historica. International Journal of the History of Education
Kahlert, Torsten

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This issue contains:

Special Issue: New Education: Genesis and Metamorphoses

Education nouvelle et changements educatifs: elements de definition et pesees d'une influence
Charles Magnin, Rita Hofstetter
p. 1
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Reformpaedagogik vor der Reformpaedagogik1
Juergen Oelkers
p. 15
URL of article:

L'echo de l'Education nouvelle au sein de l'Ecole Ferrer lausannoise (1910–1921)
Charles Heimberg
p. 49
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L'Ecole des Roches, phare francais au sein de la nebuleuse de l'Education nouvelle (1899–1944)
Nathalie Duval
p. 63
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Pestalozzi in Dewey's Realm? Bauhaus Master Josef Albers among the German- speaking Emigres' Colony at Black Mountain College (1933–1949)
Karl-Heinz Fuessl
p. 77
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Reformpaedagogik aus dem Osten? Koerperauffassung und Koerpererziehung
Toshiko Ito
p. 93
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The Reinvention of the New Education Movement in the Franco Dictatorship (Spain, 1936–1976)1
Maria del Mar del Pozo Andres, J. F. A. Braster
p. 109
URL of article:

The Reception of New Education in Spain by means of Manuals on the History of Education for Teacher Training Colleges (1898–1976)
Julio Ruiz Berrio, Teresa Rabazas, Sara Ramos
p. 127
URL of article:

Le theme de l'enfant nouveau chez Montessori: vers une mythanalyse en education1
Alberto Filipe Araujo
p. 143
URL of article:

The Historiography of Gender and Progressive Education in the United States
Kathleen Weiler
p. 161
URL of article:

Transnational Innovations, Local Conditions, and Disruptive Teachers and Students in Interwar Education
Kay Whitehead, Judith Peppard
p. 177
URL of article:

A Genealogy of an Australian System of Comprehensive High Schools: The Contribution of Educational Progressivism to the One Best Form of Universal Secondary Education (1900–1940)
Craig Campbell, Geoffrey Sherington
p. 191
URL of article:

Educational Reformers or Keepers of the Status Quo: Governors Reubin Askew and Jimmy Carter
Deanna L. Michael
p. 211
URL of article:

Progressivism, Control and Correction: Local Education Authorities and Educational Policy in Twentieth-century England
Ian Grosvenor, Kevin Myers
p. 225
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Une culture 'contre' l'autre: les idees de l'education nouvelle solubles dans l'institution scolaire d'Etat? Autour de la democratisation de l'acces au savoir
Andre D. Robert
p. 249
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L'education nouvelle apres l'Education nouvelle1
Daniel Hameline
p. 263
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Notes on Contributors
p. 291
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