Paedagogica Historica. International Journal of the History of Education 58 (2022), 2

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Paedagogica Historica. International Journal of the History of Education 58 (2022), 2

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Paedagogica Historica. International Journal of the History of Education
Moritz Pallasch, Institut für Geschichtswissenschaften, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


Research Article

Women and educational heritage in Spanish university education museums: good practices and pending challenges for the incorporation of the gender perspective
María José Rebollo & Pablo Álvarez
Pages: 159–179

Investigating the potential of cultural-historical activity theory for studying specific transitions in the history of education
Thomas O’Donoghue & Judith Harford
Pages: 180–195

The slow dichotomization of elementary classroom roles. 'Grammar of schooling' and the estrangement of classrooms in Western Europe (1830–1900)
Open Access
Marcelo Caruso
Pages: 196–214

Catedráticos in the making of the Spanish secondary education system, 1861–1885
Pau Insa-Sánchez
Pages: 215–232

Sex, death, and alienation: the burdened history of classroom pets in the American curriculum
Kipton D. Smilie
Pages: 233–251

Pedagogical knowledge as a distinct object in the history of education: the example of Ontario, Canada
Patrice Milewski
Pages: 252–271

Let us truly be Brazilian women: representations and teaching practices of normal school female students of São Paulo in the 20th century
Jorge Luís Mazzeo Mariano & Raimunda Abou Gebran
Pages: 272–289

“Die Lernmaschinen waren ... ein Zückerchen”: das Gelfinger Schulexperiment von 1968 bis 1972
Daniel Deplazes
Pages: 290–310

Book Review

The impracticality of practical research: a history of contemporary sciences of change that conserve
by Thomas S. Popkewitz, Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Press, 2020, 277 pp., $ 34.95 (paperback), $85.00 (hardback) and e-book, ISBN 978-0-47212-642-2, doi:10.3998/mpub.11354413
Kåre Fuglseth
Pages: 311–313

Education in the laboratory of modernity: the example of the city of Wolfsburg
Stadt macht Schule. Schulentwicklung im “Soziallabor” der Bundesrepublik, 1945 bis 1980, edited by Alexander Kraus and Sabine Reh, Göttingen, Wallstein Verlag, 2020, 284 pp., € 24 (hardback), ISBN 978-3-8353-3580-6
Tomáš Kasper
Pages: 313–316

Curriculum changes: transformation–transition–change in Central and Eastern Europe’s complicated history of curricular reform
Curriculum changes in the Visegrad four: three decades after the fall of communism, edited by Tomáš Janík, Štefan Porubský, Magdolna Chrappán and Kinga Kuszak, Münster, Waxmann Verlag, 2020, 161 pp., € 32,90 (paperback), ISBN 978-3-8309-4162-0
Tomáš Kasper
Pages: 317–320

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